Foundation of Compassionate Hands extends financial assistance to two talented ethnic students

As a part of the program “Exam supports for disadvantaged but talented students” in 2013, the Foundation of Compassionate Hands from Family and Society (a journal) granted 4 million VND financial assistance to two (2) talented ethnic students at the Thai Nguyen Exam Area after completing the first subject of university entrance exam 2013.

On behalf of Family and Society journal, the Deputy Editor went directly to different exam areas at Thai Nguyen University to present gifts and support to students as a moral boost while taking the exam.

The Family and Society journal’s Deputy editor (right) hands in gifts to Tran Thi My

Tran Thi My, from Chi Lang high school (Chi Lang district, Lang Son province), took the entrance exam for admission to University of Agriculture & Forestry and/or University of Medicine & Pharmacy (TNU). She is a student who studied hard to overcome difficult background and wishes to become an agricultural engineer or a doctor. During the interview of the Family and Society’s reporter, Tran Thi My said that her family were all Nung people, who depended on farming for a living. Further, she said that despite difficult family background, her parents were determined to send her and 3 siblings to school. Her sister Tran Thi Phuong is now a student of Lang Son College of Medicine, her younger siblings are also gifted students at local schools. My has been a consistent student with impressive remarkable ratings in her studies for many years. As she is determined to enter the university to realize her childhood dream of becoming a doctor or an agricultural engineer, My has studied hard to get the highest scores, thus, she exclaimed “My parents have always told me to try to study diligently, not to gain knowledge at the moment, but for future careers, to get rid of the poverty and being obsolete”.

In recognition of her underprivileged family status, My was provided financial assistance for transport and accommodation as well as food expenses through the “Exam Support Program” of Lang Son Provincial Youth Union during her stay in Thai Nguyen for the exam.

Like Tran Thi My, Ngo Huyen Linh belongs to Tay ethnic group. She is has consistently maintained a 12-continuous-year distinctive student recognition of Phu Thong high school, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province. Ngo Huyen Linh was also granted a 2-million-VND gift as a part of the program “Exam support for talented students with difficulties” by the Foundation of Compassionate Hands” – Family and Society. With this, the Deputy Editor Vu Manh Cuong encouraged her to strive hard to achieve high score in the realization of her most cherished university dream, thus, after gaining her university degree she could be gainfully employed to support her family and society. Apart from remaining the 12-continuous-year gifted student, during the last year, Ngo Huyen Linh has won many awards in provincial contest for gifted-students, including one in History subject. With a dream of becoming a History teacher, she has exerted efforts to overcome her family difficulties. Because she is equally good at several subjects, apart from social subjects (group C) – which she’s strong in, she decided to sign up for exams in science subjects (group A) hoping qualify to the University of Medicine and Pharmacy – TNU. During the interview after the exam, Ngo Huyen Linh said she had completed about 90% and been looking forward to high scores in the other 2 subjects. She was also very confident with her subjects in group C. Moreover, she narrated “Both my parents are farmers but we don’t even have enough food because we only have 2 sao of rice fields. Apart from harvesting time, my parents both have to work extra time for more income. When I submitted my university application, my parents advised me to choose military schools, where I will be exempted from tuition fee if I passed the exam, however, I told my parents that I wish to become a teacher or a doctor, so I made a decision to sign up for both group A and C. If I am lucky enough to enter a university, I will try to study conscientiously and find a part-time job while studying to partly alleviate my parent’s financial burden”. On receiving gifts from Family and Society, both My and Linh expressively shared their feelings “We didn’t expect to receive such important gifts, thank you so much! Rest assure that we will try our best not to disappoint the journals’ caring.”

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