International Network

The International Network of Thai Nguyen University was established to link faculty / staff and student scholars from all over the world for global challenge in pursuing their quest for international knowledge and experience, and to centralize information regarding all international concerns so that the academic community will have a single place to turn to

International network of Thai Nguyen University mission

Network's Acronym: INET

I. Purposes of the Network:

1. Promote awareness on the significance ofTNU's international role in exploring possible cooperation with foreign partners in various areas of expertise, such as teaching, training, research, faculty and students exchanges, among others;
2. Provide updated information on scholarship and research for faculty and students;
3. Encourage faculty and students scholars and those working abroad to share learning experiences to students and faculty members of the university;
4. Provide counseling to incoming and outgoing faculty and students for study abroad program; and
5. Participation of member network to seminars, international conferences, and seek opportunities for cooperation and building appropriate projects related to their field interest.

The INET is expected to:

1. Set-up effective linkage/network III the development and promotion of

international collaboration with TNU's international linkages;

2. Develop global image of the university through e-links /google; and

3. Develop social structure that will foster a broad cross-cultural exchange between

and among international student groups.

II. Organizational Structure

Duties and Functions

There are four members in the INET Managing Board: A chairman, a vice chairman, an advisor and a coordinating officer.

The Chairman is responsible for the management, development, and the effective performance of the network, and likewise provides leadership for all aspects of the network's activities.

The Vice-Chairman assists the Chairman in the management and development of the network and acts as moderator at all network activities.

The Advisor assists the INET Chairman to propose plans, ideas, and opinions in carrying out the activities of the network.

The Coordinating Officer acts as contact person of the network. She keeps records and attends to all correspondences of the network. She organizes network conferences and prepares documents as well as background materials of the network, subject to the approval of the network chairman. In addition, she takes charge in updating network activities and events and provides network publicity.

In the year of2012, the members ofINET Managing Board are:

1. Associate Professor Dang Kim Vui, Ph. D. - President ofTNU- Chairman

2. Associate Professor Dr. Dang Van Minh, Ph.D. - Director of Department ofInternational Affairs - Vice-Chairman

3. Professor Olivia P. Magpily - Advisor

4. Nguyen Thi Hoa - Staff of the Department of International Affairs - Coordinating Officer

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