Faculty and Staff Overview

Introduction to TNU Personnel Affairs

TNU is one of the three regional universities of Vietnam, characterized as a multidisciplinary, multi-level education and training, and serving as research university model. It has a total of 27 member units, including 07 universities, 01 college, 02 faculties, 01 Publishing House, 01 Practical Hospital, 01 Learning Resource Center, 01 National Defense –Security Education Center, 05 research institutions and 09 centers of expertise, 01 branch named Thai Nguyen University’s Branch in Lao Cai.

The university staff of TNU is renowned for quantity and high quality in the system of regional universities in the country. In recent years, developing the teaching and management staff of TNU has achieved positive results, especially the number of teaching staff with doctoral degree, master's degrees which account for a high percentage compared with the average percentage of other universities in the region. Currently, TNU has a total number of 4.146 officials and contract staff, with a breakdown of 2.621 teaching staff, with 164 academic ranks of professor and associate professor, 553 doctorate degree holders.The teaching and management staff of TNU are seasoned lecturers, experts in various fields of agriculture, forestry, industry, health, education, sciences, information technology, and economics with high experience in providing quality education and training, conduct of scientific research, and technology transfer in the region and the country.

TNU has formulated various policies and measures in the development of high quality teaching staff (PhD, professor, associate professor), namely: fluency in foreign languages ​​(particularly in English), and having good ability to use information technology in the field of expertise and management; enhancing the quantity and quality of staff related to new fields of specialization. Every year, Thai Nguyen University sends officials and lecturers to pursue their graduate studies and specialized trainings in Australia, the US, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, China and so onthrough scholarship grant from universities and organizations around the world.

Thai Nguyen University has envisioned of becoming one of the foremost university in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. In the next 5 years, TNU will send approximately 300 faculty staff to pursue graduate level in foreign country to expand the scale levels of doctoral degree holders with high quality international education program in line with teaching and research to produce highly qualified human resources in their respective fields of endeavor. 

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