TNU University of Sciences students garnered awards on “Students on scientific research nationwide 2016”

In the evening of 7th January 2017 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly organized the awarding ceremony on "Students on scientific research in 2016”. Two groups of students from TNU University of Sciences and Thai Nguyen University participated in the presentation of scientific research. Fortunately, two (2) research papers of TNU University of Science students were awarded Second Prize and Encouragement Prize. The contest on “Students on scientific research” is held every 2 years for students of universities in the whole country.

The two (2) research papers submitted by TNU University of Science were as follows: (1)"Manufacturing DBD plasma source at atmospheric pressure orientation in biomedical applications" presented by groups of Physics students namely Do Thi Ngan and Nguyen Truong Son under the guidance of Dr. Nguyen Van Hao, and (2) "Assessing the current using of plant protection products and the efficient of solutions using pheromone traps in tea cultivation in Tan Cuong special tea region " presented by groups of students, namely Do Thi Kim Lien, Pham Thi Quyen under the guidance of Dr. Ngo Van Hao,  awarded Second Prize and Encouragement prize, respectively.

Dr. Nguyen Van Hao and a group of students on scientific research who garnered second prize.

With this result, TNU University of Sciences won the prize (second prize) for the third time in "Students on Scientific Research".

The recipient of first and second prize with the award of Certificate of Merit was garnered by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. While the students who implemented other projects were awarded third and encouragement prize with Certificate of Merit which was presented by Vietnam Fund for Supporting Technological Creations - VIFOTEC.

TNU University of Sciences’ students were awarded Certificate of Merit from Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

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