Development Strategy

The development strategy of TNU till 2020s

Thai Nguyen University has envisioned of becoming one of the leading universities in Vietnam. It shall expand the scale levels of master’s and doctoral programs with high quality international education program in line with teaching and research to produce highly qualified human resources in their respective fields of endeavor.

Combining training with scientific research to improve the quality of training is one of the priority solutions to achieve excellence in education. Therefore, the university is struggling hard to obtain annual research awards at state level, ministerial level, and especially Protocol programs concerning cooperation in research and transfer of technology with international partners, particularly in science to gradually develop key areas of scientific research. While in line with enterprises among local areas in research and technology transfer is a further innovation and a solution in intensifying the development of research of the university in the future.

Moreover, TNU has developed international cooperation with various universities and research institutes nationwide, in particular, and worldwide, in general which is considered a crucial innovation to strengthen the quality of instruction of the university leading to excellence. Thus, through cooperation with international partners, the university has been sending lecturers and staff with competitive capability and competence to pursue their studies and training programs to improve the quality of education and scientific research methodology for the furtherance of development of the university and the country as well. Additionally, through international cooperation, the university would be able to intensify further cooperation programs in training and scientific research, including investment opportunities for state-of-the-art service facilities for teaching and research to attract foreign students and lecturers to work and study at Thai Nguyen University, thereby creating an international academic environment in education and training.


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