Facilities for a Home Away from Home

In Campus

TNU provides ??? residential colleges to accommodate more than 90,000 students. Each and every college offers various attractive and modern facilities to ensure that students feel at home away from home.  Most of the residential colleges have internet access, daily cleaning services, efficient sewage system and various other facilities for comfort and a conducive living and learning environment. TNU as a university is also particularly attentive to the special needs of any students with disabilities. There is ample space specially renovated and equipped with appropriate facilities for these students to ensure that their convenience, comfort and welfare will be guaranteed in campus. The university is also committed to ensuring  the safety and security of the TNU community with dedicated security personnel on duty and surveillance. Vehicle parking areas are also protected fully by security personnel to ensure the safety of staff and student vehicles.

Guide to Off campus Accommodation

For those who seek off-campus accommodation, there is an Off-campus Accommodation Guide which has a list of available private accommodation in and around the TNU area, and contact telephone numbers for students to call

    >> Please click here for details of available off-campus accommodation that have been compiled by TNU for your convenience.

    >> If you are an international student, please click here for further enquiries regarding accommodation for international students.


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