Personal Safety

Many misfortunes/calamities can be avoided by paying some attention to personal safety. The following are tips for safety and guidelines that should be followed in emergency situations.


» Always keep within the speed limit.
» Abide by traffic laws.
» Do not leave valuables in the car when parking such as:
                a. Laptops/ Laptop bags
                b. Mobile phones
                c. Purse
                d. Electronic devices such as GPS
                e. And other valuables

» Make sure you lock your vehicle when leaving it.
» Do not leave your vehicle with the engine on when:
                a. chatting to people outside the vehicle
                b. going to the bank
                c. going to the post office
                d. etc

» Do not offer rides to strangers.
» Always ensure vehicle windows are closed while driving or parking the vehicle.
» Attract attention of surrounding people when a snatch theft occurs by screaming for help and continuously pressing the horn if you are inside a vehicle.
» Install a secondary lock
» Do not leave keys inside vehicle
» Check the car locks before leaving the vehicle
» Park your vehicle in car parks

At the workplace

» Lock your office door if you wish to leave your office.
» Do not allow outsiders/ strangers to enter the office without permission/business.
» Always be alert to the presence of strangers inside your office.
» Be aware of the surrounding state of your office.
» Turn off all unused electronic and electrical appliances when leaving the office such as:
                 a. Computers
                 b. Printers
                 c. Photostat Machines 
                 d. Air Conditioners
                 e. Lights
                 f. And etc

» Keep files, records and documents in a safe place (safe, locked drawers, file storage room)

In Campus Area

» Always protect yourself.
» Do not break any of the University’s rules
» Do not walk alone at night
» Always walk in groups or at least in pairs
» Do not ride with strangers
» If studying outdoors, make sure there are people around you.
» If you find there is no one at the place that you want to go to, avoid going there.
» Always check for your valuables when:
                  a. Leaving the toilet
                  b. After making phone calls at public phone booths
                  c. Having a discussion with friends.
                  d. Leaving your room in college

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