Introduction to International Cooperation

The curricular programs of the University reflect a close working links with local and international Universities, businesses and industries so that its standards will be relevant to the social and economic needs of the country. With the indefatigable effort of the University constituents through the Department of the International Cooperation (DIC), TNU is actively promoting cooperation with international counterparts to become one of the leading Universities to make Vietnam a vital participant in the global arena in promoting quality education.

In this premise, the Department of International Cooperation is committed to perform the following:


General Function:

Promote the globalization of Thai Nguyen University.

Specific Functions:

- Establish international  programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels in cooperation with leading partner institutions throughout the world;

- Organize seminars, educational visits, and cultural meetings;
- Promote University activities abroad;
- Participate in international fora and exhibition;
- Provide counseling to incoming and outgoing students for international study programs; and
- Promote awareness on the importance of TNU’s international role, together with its member-units.

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