Mission and Vision



TNU is a regional university which provides multi-disciplinary training, conducts scientific research and technology transfer center, contributing effectively to the socio-economic and cultural development of the Midlands, Northern Mountainous areas and the whole country


Thai Nguyen University becomes one of the leading universities in Southeast Asia; a center for training high-quality human resources,  scientific research and advanced technology transfer in the fields of education, agriculture - forestry, health, economics, industry, information & communication technology, which establishes and provides science and technology solutions as well as policies to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic and cultural development of the midland and Northern mountainous areas and the whole country. Quality of the training programs, the infrastructure and development resources is in line with national and Southeast Asian standards. Graduates of Thai Nguyen will soon be recruited and become experts, managers, and leaders who operate effectively in their fields of work.


Solidarity - Honesty - Creativity - Effectiveness -  Quality

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