FAQ for Students

1. When was TNU established Answer: 1994

Thai Nguyen University (TNU) is located in Thai Nguyen City, a multi-disciplinary university of the northern mountainous area of Vietnam. TNU was established according to the Government Decree No 31/CP dated April 4th, 1994 based on the reorganization of a number of universities in Thai Nguyen province (Agriculture & Forestry University (25/12/1971), Educational University (18/07/1966), Medical University(23/07/1968), Industrial Technical University(06/12/1965) and Industrial Vocational School (19/01/1974)). It was founded as a part of the new development plan for higher education reform. TNU is known as one of the three regional universities in Vietnam, and a unique university in the Northern Mountainous Area of Vietnam

2. What does TNU stand for?
TNU is an acronym for Thai Nguyen University

3. Where is TNU located?
The main campus of TNU is located in Thai Nguyen City. It is approximately 60km from Noi Bai Airport and 75km from Ha Noi Capital. TNU has a branch campus in Yen Bai.

4. What is the goal of TNU?


- To provide higher education in agriculture and forestry, education, medicine and health care, industrial technologies and related fields for the northern mountainous area of Vietnam through its postgraduate, undergraduate, and vocational training programs;

- To generate innovation/technologies and managing science for socio-economic development of the area;

- To participate in technological transferring and extension for socio-economic development of the area;

- To participate in setting up policies for sustainable development of the area and country;

- To be a center to generate, store, and provide information for development & management.

5. How do I get to TNU?


Students are able to get to TNU by taking a bus or taxi from Noi Bai Airport or Ha Noi to Thai Nguyen

6. Does TNU provide any student accommodation?

Yes, TNU has 17 residential colleges for which students can apply, subject to availability.

7. What facilities are provided in TNU?

Various facilities are available for the comfort of the students and staff such as ICT, library, halls, cafeteria, security services, mosque, sports & recreations, medical clinic, accommodation, banking & postal services and veterinary hospital.

8. Where can I find information on the entry requirements?

The general academic entry requirements are available at http://tuyensinh.tnu.edu.vn/

9. What programmes are offered at TNU?

TNU offers programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate levels and additional information can be found on the TNU website (www.en.tnu.edu.vn)

10. What is the concept of a Research Cluster?

Answer :
The Research Cluster concept in TNU is in line with the current need for multi-disciplinary approaches in solving research problems. TNU has established 3 (three) Research Clusters which are life science, advanced industrial technology, socio-economic and humanities.

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