Message from the President

Welcome to Thai Nguyen University!
Welcome to Thai Nguyen University, a reputable regional university in Vietnam.

I am incredibly honored to serve Thai Nguyen University as its incumbent President. I am delighted to take on the leadership of this prestigious university and I am humbled and thankful to do so.

At the onset, I wish to inform everyone that I am resolved to do my best for advancing further this university towards a brightly glittering university in promoting its mandated mission in training quality human resources, carrying out of scientific research and technology transfer for the socio-economic development of the region. It is a fact that the role of TNU is becoming increasingly complex as we recognize the importance of global engagement. For this reason, we will strengthen further our international collaboration with different universities and agencies worldwide.

At this juncture, I would like to give credit to all officials, faculty and staff who are the life force of this university, you are the reason it is soaring to new heights of excellence. I am honored to serve alongside with you each and everyday, through hard work and commitment, you are making a difference in the lives of our students and in the future of the 16 provinces in the northern mountainous region that we serve. I am pleased to inform you further that our highest priority at Thai Nguyen University is maintaining our tradition of excellence in education and providing transformational experiences that ensure our students’ success.Henceforth, we at TNU should serve our best as a base for the intellectual creation that takes place in our society.

Nevertheless, I am aware with certainty that Thai Nguyen University’s best days are far ahead. TNU with the strong working effectiveness of the member-universities, namely: TNU-University of Education, TNU-University of Agriculture and Forestry, TNU-University of Economics and Business Administration, TNU- University of Medicine and Pharmacy,TNU-University of Technology, TNU-University of Science, TNU-University of Communications and Information Technology, TNU-College of Economics and Technology, TNU-School of  Foreign Languages, and TNU-International Schoolhave tremendous assets that provide a great platform for growth with numerous academic programs, training departments,  and centers coupled with global leaders. In addition, TNU has strong and growing research projects, excellent international partrnership with prestigious universities worldwide in a beautiful setting, and an engaged and enthusiastic team of faculty, staff, and students.

Please join me in continuing the progress of Thai Nguyen University and let us look forward to a great year ahead.

Best regards,


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hoang Van Hung


President, Thai Nguyen University

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