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Welcome to Thai Nguyen University! Thai Nguyen University (TNU) is an educational community of vibrant and learned scholars, professionals, friends, and students. Since its establishment in 1994, TNU has become one of Vietnam’s leading regional Universities. It is a conglomeration of colleges which were established earlier as separate institutions of learning.


Cordial welcome to the academic community of Thai Nguyen University (TNU)!

I would like to take this opportunity to present an overview about Thai Nguyen University including its milestone in response to our commitment in the implementation of higher education and trainings.

 TNU is a multi-disciplinary and multi-level university model composing of 23 administrative units, training units, research units, and units for serving training and research, namely 07 universities, 01 colleges, 02 faculties, 01 publishing house, 01 practical hospital, 01 Learning Resource Centers, 01 Center for Defense Education, 03 research institutions and 06 centers of expertise. As of December 31, 2012, TNU has a total of 4,193 civil servants with 2,719 teaching staff, including 105 professors and associate professors, 398 PhD. and 1,776 master's degree holders. In addition, TNU has approximately 1000 graduate students and students studying in the educational institutions all over the world.

In recent years, TNU has resolved its vision to be a topmost national university with a position of great magnitude in providing education and training in the northern region. Guided by its vision, TNU has increased its curricular offerings, as follows:  twenty four (24) major courses for doctoral level, forty-three (43) majors for master’s level, nineteen (19) majors for therapists and regional doctors, 153 programs for bachelor level, and seventeen (17) programs for college level. Since its establishments, TNU has trained and provided 109,500 students for formal education, in which nearly 6,000 are Masters and Doctors of Philosophy. Up to 2013, TNU has a total student population of 90,327, including 599 graduate students, 4,492 master's students and 85,230 students of university and college levels.

Inspired by our University’s motto “Together We Create Success,” it is the aspiration of TNU to prepare our students to succeed in their chosen field of studies that will eventually bring them to become better professionals and assets of the country who will turn out to become promising leaders of our country.

The university is highly dedicated to provide the best education and training to our students as they climb up the ladder in their journey to achieve their life’s objectives. We encourage them to aim high and attain the goals in their studies.

To everyone, please accept my heartiest thanks and I hope to meeting you in Thai Nguyen University.


                                                                                                                           Prof. DANG KIM VUI, Ph.D.



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