Thai Nguyen University College of Economics and Techniques



- Number of staff: 267 

  (2 Profs & Assoc. Profs,

10 PhDs)

- Number of undergraduate students: 5,390

Contact Information

Add:  Group 15, Thinh Dan ward,

Thai Nguyen city, Thai Nguyen province.

Tel:  (+84) 280 3855606

Fax: (+84) 280 3546030



History and development

 TNU-CET was established in 2005 base on the re-organization in academic systems of the Thai Nguyen University. CET’s forerunner is a Vocational School which founded in 1975. Currently , the college includes 5 Faculties, namely Economics and Business Administration; Agro-Forestry Technique; Industry Technique; Basic Science, and Vocational Training. The college envisions to concentrate all of power resources for enhance the training quality, foster the scientific research ability and technology transferring in order to become a University in the period of 2013 – 2015.

 The college has mission to train students on collegiate level  and lower level (as middle level and vocation) in the field of Economics, Business Administration, Mechanics, Electricity, Telecom Electronics, Informatics, etc.; conduct research and transfer progressive sciences and technologies for development of socio-economics.


CET’s training program as considered for multi - levels and majors.

- Training program

(*) Higher education and Middle Level (15 Majors): Accounting; Business administration; Banking Finance; Construction Management; Audit Accounting; Mechanics and Machine Manufacture; Electric-Electronics; Information Technology; Civil and Industrial Construction; Bridges and roads Construction; Crop Science; Veterinary Medicine; Land Management; Environment Management, and Land registry and Environment.

 (*) Vocational training (9 Majors):  Welding; Automobile technology; Metal-cutting; Industrial Electricity; Civil Electricity; Computer assemble and repairing; Machine repairing; Enterprise accounting; Veterinary Medicine.

Scientific research

As CET’s mission, almost research activities are applying research and technology transferring.    

CET has been implementing 183 different level projects, in which 25 ministry levels, 102 school levels, and 56 student research. Especially, there were 17 technology transferring projects for the provinces in the Northern mountainous area.

The number of issued scientific papers were 183 with 8 international and 175 national papers.

International Cooperation

As a college, the international relations establish of CET was getting a lot of difficulty, leaded some inhibit on the international relation activities. However, CET has many efforts to working out with this field.

TNU-CET has relations with EU organization, Germany, France, the Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Philippines.

From 2002-2005 carried out an EU project of reinforce for vocational training ability. Recently, TNU-CET has been working out with 2 training project with Institute of Professional Technique, Guangxi, China.

Annually, it has been deploying 1 to 2 lecturers as MSc/PhD student to the Netherlands, Australia, China, the Philippines, etc.

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