State-of-the-art lab of TNU University of Technology

The 309 and 310 room of the Laboratory building of TNU University of Technology is a special lab with modern equipment. This is the experimental place of the Electronic Department of TNU University of Technology. The special lab is particularly a very important academic place for students because their ardent dream to be provided a modern lab was realized and this lab has heightened the creativity and good foundation towards success of students and teachers of Electronic Department.

Hundreds of engineers successfully completed their research projects, graduation theses, as well as master and doctorate students conducted their experiment using the modern laboratory equipment in this academic lab. At the moment, 60 modern equipment and systems with computers are available in the laboratory room.

The Electronic Department of the university always provide the best facilities for students to practice and promote their resourcefulness. Furthermore, courses about programming PLC are provided for free to students. In addition, they also created a Facebook page for sharing and discussions between students and teachers. This is a great place for academic and online discussion and may potentially be an avenue for many future projects.

 The laboratory is always open and accessible seven days a week and teachers are available to help students. In the room, there is no boundary between students and teachers as they are all seen alike as passionate researchers. This reason explains why the room is always occupied by students and is an indispensable place to visit for international delegations from Laos, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

 The good reputation and success of the laboratory has contributed by not only due to the wide range of equipment but also the passionate teachers who work hard to educate the generations of student, by way of giving them hope and motivating them to reach their goals.

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