ENHANCE National and Training Workshop at An Giang University, Vietnam

On May 16-18, 2017, An Giang University organized the 2nd National Workshop “Strategies for Commercialization of Research Products” and the 3rd Training Workshop on: “Formalised Procedures: Intellectual property; contractual framework and internal approval process".


The objective of the 2nd ENHANCE National Workshop was to foster a discussion on possible improvements of services, especially commercialization or research products, provided to research groups and industry by Research and Innovation (R&I) Units at VIET HEIs. It has brought together managers, researchers and academics from partners and non-partners HEIs, Research Institutes, Science and Technology (S&T) authorities, representatives from the private sector and relevant stakeholders in Vietnam. 

As a result of this event, R&I Units at VIET HEIs should be able to identify how to improve their support services to research groups and engage with the industry.  

The panorama view at the 2nd National workshop 

The 3rd training workshop

The 3rd training workshop on “Formalised Procedures: Intellectual property; contractual framework and internal approval process" has helped the participants to increase their knowledge on key topics for a better R&I management and implementation, understand the principles of intellectual property rights and copyright protection, different types of Intellectual Property and to be able to prepare a patent registration, the difference between contractual framework and a contract, the international framework agreements in frame of European development  cooperation, the principles of internal approval of R&I  Institutions for research proposals and to create ideas for developing proposals, and to show them EU case studies in internal approval for research proposals.    

The two events are in the framework of the Project entitled "Strengthening National research and innovation capacities in Vietnam" funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. 

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