The Eighth Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting

On the 9th- 10th June/2015, the Eight Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting (VEAM) took place in the Learning Resource Centre- Thai Nguyen University. The meeting/seminar was hosted by Thai Nguyen University, the Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN), the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the World Bank, Foreign Trade University (FTU), etc. At the seminar, there were the presence of leading Vietnamese Economists, scientists and economical lecturers who are from many educational institutions in Vietnam, Professors of Economics who came from French, Germany, the Netherlands, Italia, etc. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh - Vice President of Thai Nguyen University attended and had an opening speech.


The Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting is an important forum for Vietnamese and international economists, social researchers to exchange their research results  on economics, finance and management. The meeting provides an opportunity to nurture a worldwide network of Vietnamese economists and other social scientists, expands and consolidates cooperation in Vietnam economics  research. At the same time, the meeting also is an opportunity for Vietnamese and foreign universities, economical sectors, enterprises and organizations to meet and exchange experience.


On behalf of Thai Nguyen University leaders, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dang Van Minh affirmed that the Eight Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting was an important connection which helped Vietnamese researchers communicate with international researchers, among Thai Nguyen University- the third largest education center of Vietnam - and domestic and international research centers. It was also an opportunity for Thai Nguyen University to continue taking part in the International Research Networks. Accordingly, Thai Nguyen University would propose appropriate methods to promote cooperation programs, scientific  researches and to affirm the position and role of a regional  university in Northern midland and mountainous in particular, and in the whole country in general.

In the meeting,  4 keynote lectures presented by famous economists  such as Prof. Van Cuong Le (from French National Center for Scientific Research, France),  Prof. Katheline Schubert (from Paris School of Economics, France), Prof. Ania Zalewska (from Bath University, UK) and Prof. Tony Makin (from Griffith University, Australia). Besides, there are 28 turns of in-depth  discussion to talk about more than 91 different reports which are about economics, management, trade, finance and banking. Among these reports, the study/research of Professor Katheline Schubert: Is Aquaculture is an option? A Theoretical Analysis was highly interested by many representatives/delegates. In her paper, she pointed out the interaction between wild fish and farm-raised fish, new hopes in developing aquaculture appropriately following the methods of France.  

Prof. Katheline Schubert- Paris School of Economics (France) presents her paper “Is Aquaculture is an option? A theoretical Analysis

The representative of the Eighth Vietnamese Economics Annual Meeting shared that this year’s meeting had many new differences in comparison to the previous VEAMs,  There were over 67 reports of domestic researchers. Among them, several ones belonged to very young research student, but their works were highly appreciated.

 Marginal discussion of The Eighth Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting’s representatives

  Besides academic activities, the VEAM 2015 Organizers also organized impressive cultural activities which contributed to the success of the Eighth Vietnamese Economists Annual Meeting in Thai Nguyen city.

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