“Avenue for Better Tomorrow”


Thai Nguyen University (TNU), one of the leading regional university systems in Vietnam, is strategically located in Thai Nguyen City. The University System was established in 1994, basically a conglomeration of colleges reflecting the long tradition of existence as higher learning institutions which are situated in Thai Nguyen province.

Its Mission: TNU is mandated to pursue the following: to train high quality human resource, conduct researches on scientific technologies and management, verify and propose solutions and sustainable development policies, and contribute significantly to the socio-economic development of the region towards industrialization and modernization.

For nearly 20 years of development, TNU has been experiencing growth in qualitative and quantitative aspects in instruction, scientific research and technology transfer, production, and management, among others. Hence, as it continues its journey towards the future, it displays with dynamism its commitment toward the pursuit of excellence in this noble undertaking.

The university is at the helm of strong leaders, namely: Associate Prof. Dr. Dang Kim Vui, University President; Associate Prof. Dr. Tran Viet Khanh, Vice President; Associate Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Cong, Vice President; and Associate Professor Dang Van Minh, Vice President.

With 86, 678 students and 3,573 faculty and staff, today Thai Nguyen University is dedicated in finding solutions to the great global challenges and in preparing the students to become the next generation of leaders in the region and the whole nation.

The curricular programs of the University reflect a close working links with local and international Universities, businesses and industries so that its standards will be relevant to the social and economic needs of the country. With the indefatigable effort of the University constituents, TNU is actively promoting cooperation with international counterparts to become one of the leading Universities to make Vietnam a vital participant in the global arena in promoting quality education.

In this premise, the Department of International Cooperation (DIC) is committed to promote the globalization of Thai Nguyen University.

            The Department of International Cooperation (DIC) has responded actively and effectively on the mandate to provide higher education through collaborative strategy via international linkaging with prestigious universities worldwide. Corollary to this, knowing the needs and requirements of students who belong to the underprivileged but commendable to pursue further education, and in order to  meet this critical need, DIC was inspired and motivated to  develop a project that will strengthen the county’s quest for global excellence, the establishment of a Scholarship Foundation. Further, it was conceptualized in order to support the university in its desire to achieve its goals towards  the 2020 development vision in promoting and improving education and training.

Along these lines, DIC will actively partner with donors who believe that positive change occurs through effective charitable giving and providing assistance for job placement. It will start to connect with charitable / generous individuals, families, agencies / companies / business and non-profit organizations to sponsor Vietnamese youths who possess academic excellence or for talent and skills.  Such scholarships will be named after individuals who wish to support and to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Abstract of the Project

            Vietnam’s human resources are rich in quantity, but quality needs to be further developed to meet the new demands of economic development. The present era is marked by significant demands for workers, especially trained and professional ones. This will create a challenge in the demand-supply balance in the labor market. The lack of highly skilled workers, particularly in the areas of services, teacher education, agriculture and forestry, information technology, banking and finance, foreign languages, sciences, engineering, among others for international integration at regional standards, is a challenging issue. Records show that there are 42 million workers in Vietman’s population of 85 million, but only 27 percent are well educated and trained, particularly with proficiency in English Language.

            It is a fact that many great challenges are facing Vietnam, especially the northern region.  One of which is lack of educational opportunities to poor but deserving youths particularly in the ethnic minority groups, and the absence of education and training necessary for them to become educated / learned who are empowered to identify the needs of their own communities.

            To resolve this dilemma, the Department of International Cooperation is implementing a Scholarship Foundation, a scholarship initiative for the disadvantaged youths of the northern region, specifically the students of Thai Nguyen University.  Through this foundation, the Department of International Cooperation will provide scholarships to selected underprivileged but deserving youths who wouldn’t have the opportunity to further their education, including  assistance through job placement in the future.


            The TNU Scholarship Foundation is conceptualized to give support, inspire, and encourage Vietnamese students in their quest for higher education and better life through financial aid counseling and scholarships, and job placement as well.

            Thus, the foundation motivates young Vietnamese people and mobilizes resources to strengthen the human resources of the northern part of Vietnam.


            The TNU Scholarship Foundation believes that Vietnamese students need and deserve education beyond basic education. 

            In this context, DIC envisions to enhance the quality of education by providing  opportunities to poor but deserving youths to further their education on degree programs and job placements after completing university degrees, thus, creating opportunities for personal growth and better life of Vietnamese people who will become prime-movers of socio-economnic development of the country.

Description of the Project

Guided by the challenges of the government in finding solutions to the university’s quest in preparing the students to become the next generation of leaders in the region and the whole nation,  the Deparment of International Cooperation has establishment  a scholarship foundation to provide  Vietnamese  students, especially the poor but deserving, the opportunity to pursue their studies leading to degree programs, both undergraduate and graduate levels, through scholarships and eventually for job placement after obtaining the degree.

The Scholarship Foundation is proposed to commence effective Academic Year 2014-2015,  under the direct operation and management of the Department of International Cooperation in partnership with donors and sponsors / benefactors who are charitable and goodhearted to help the Vietnamese youths  make their lives better through education.

A Scholarship Foundation Committee will be set up to handle the effective operation of the program.  The committee will be composed of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Selection Board (3 members), Secretariat (3 members), Finance Officer, Auditor, and Over-all Chairman (TNU President). The duties and responsibilities of the committee will be determined upon formal approval of the foundation by the Board of Directors of TNU.

Strategies of the foundation: (1) Funds will be solicited from generous and charitable Vietnamese and foreign donors and benefactors within Vietnam and will be extended worldwide; (2) Funds will be deposited in any recognized government bank under the name of TNU Scholarship Foundation; (3) Awarding of scholarships and/or assistance will be at the decision of the committee, with more than 70 percent votes; (4) Monitoring and evaluation of the progress of the scholars; and (5) Scholars will be required a return service to the university (terms and conditions will be stipulated in the Scholarship Contract).

N.B. : Policies and mechanics of the Scholarship Foundation will be prepared in a supplementary information. 

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