In the evening of March 18, three ICTU students were jubilant for winning the first prize on their Smart Water Project in the “Start-up Student Ideas” competition.

"Start-up Student Ideas" is a useful playground for students to exchange, share ideas, and accumulate more knowledge and skills to become confident in to setting up an innovative project. The initial contest was organized in 2016 for Vietnamese students in the country and abroad by the Student Central Association. ICTU students surpassed 569 ideas for the Preliminary Round, 61 ideas for the Regional Round, and eventually reaching 15 ideas for the best start-up projects which led them to gain the championship award.

The “Smart Water Project” was unanimously rated highly applicable, catching up with future trends considering that all devices are connected to the Internet. It has won over 14 projects in the finals Start-up Student Ideas to win the first prize with the reward of VND 50 million and a project investment cost of VND 500 million, including a 7-day Study Tour to San Francisco (USA) – the starting point of the world.

The proponents of the "Smart water project."

In view of the fact that people exert effort to check the water quality, water consumption index, and household payment collection, a group of students of ICTU has enthusiastically designed a system that can replace these constraints. “Eureka,” they shouted, the devices were successfully connected to each other and parameters were viewed in the website.

By logging into the website, any water supplier can control the quality of water, the situation of selling water, and receive feedback from the households. Likewise, household consumers will also know the standard of water consumed, monthly water consumption, and they can pay online. This will save significant cost for the water consumption in factories and consumers will also see the transparency in water purchases.

The Vice Chairman of the Standing Board of Central Economic Commission Cao Duc Phat and First Secretary of Executive Central Committee Union hand in the first prize to the group of authors of the "Smart water Project."

Moreover, the organizers awarded second prizes to the " Micro-sludge project" of Can Tho University of Technology students,  Can Tho College of Economics and Technology and "" of students from the University of Natural Sciences ( Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City), and Ho Chi Minh City University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Triet, Head of School Youth Committee (Central Youth Union), said that based on his evaluation, the projects are very diverse and highly applicable. More importantly, he stated that in those projects, the students do not just start a business and enrich themselves, but also want to solve the pressing problems of society and make a great contribution to the economy of the country.

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