Thai-French Trilateral Development Cooperation


During 2008-2013, doctoral students from CLMV countries; Cambodia, Lao PDR,

Myanmar, and Vietnam had been awarded grants by the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), The Thailand Research Fund (TRF)

(under the Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. Program) and the French Embassy in Thailand. The Joint Fellowship Program now is the second phase in the period of 5 years, starting from 2014. Financial support will be co-sponsored by the Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA), the Thailand Research

Fund (TRF) and the French Regional Delegation to ASEAN. The joint Fellowship Program for doctoral students is a joint collaboration between France and Thailand. This joint program aims at supporting interested students from CLMV countries (up to five scholarships per year) to pursue their doctoral studies in Thailand and France, with the opportunity to do research with Thai and French advisors of academic excellence in the fields beneficial to the development process of their


1. Academic disciplines, qualifications, and duration of studies

1.1 This programme is opened to all academic disciplines contributing to the

development objectives of the applicant’s country, with the priority given to the

following 7 sectors and related sub-sectors under the ACMECS framework1:

trade and investment, agriculture, industrial development and energy,

transportation, tourism, health, and human resources development.

1 The Ayerawady-Chao Phraya-Mekong Economic Cooperation Strategy (ACMECS) is a cooperation

framework amongst Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to utilize member

countries’ diverse strengths and to promote balanced development in the sub-region. The objectives

are to bridge the economic gap among the five countries, and to promote prosperity in the sub-region

in a sustainable manner.

1.2 The interested applicants should have the following qualifications:

- A master’s degree in a discipline related to the proposed doctoral study with a GPA of not less than 3.50 (from a total of 4.0) or equivalent from an institution of higher education recognized by TRF, and

- A bachelor’s degree with a GPA of not less than 3.00 (from a total of 4.0) or equivalent from an institution of higher education recognized by TRF;

- Research publication(s) or oral/poster presentation(s) at a scientific meeting with English abstract(s) will be given a priority;

- Have appropriate background to undertake the proposal he/she has outlined.

1.3 The fellowship will be awarded when a successful applicant has been accepted as a doctoral student in a Thai university’s doctoral programme recognized by TRF.

1.4 The prospective major thesis advisor of the applicant in a Thai university’s doctoral programme must qualify as a Royal Golden Jubilee Ph.D. advisor under the regulation stipulated by TRF.

1.5 Participants are expected to complete their doctoral studies within 3 consecutive academic years (2 years in Thailand and 1 year in France). Should any participant wish to prolong his/her research (in Thailand or France), his/her major thesis advisor in a Thai university’s doctoral programme will submit a request to TRF. This request will then be submitted to TICA, and the French Regional Delegation to ASEAN for consideration. If approved, the prolonged period of study should not exceed 1 year in Thailand or in France.

1.6 Once the prolongation of the study has been approved, TICA and TRF shall be responsible for the expenditures allocated in individual granting contract to cover the prolonged period of the study undertaken in Thailand for no more than 1 year. The French Regional Delegation to ASEAN shall be responsible for the expenditures incurred in France. However, if a student cannot complete his/her doctoral study within 4 years, he/she will still be able to pursue his/her doctoral study within the timeframe set by his/her university in Thailand, but with his/her own support.

2. Application procedures

2.1 Applications from interested persons must be approved by their governments and applicants must submit six (6) copies of completed application forms to the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their respective countries before the closing date for application by 30 September for registration in the new academic year beginning no later than January in the following year.

2.2 Application form must be submitted together with complete a proposed research proposal and other relevant documents given in the checklist of the form. It is advised that applicants download the application form (see 2.5), complete it and copy it to a CD for submission. Please note that interested candidates must be nominated through the focal point agency for international and development cooperation in their respective countries. CLMV students who are currently studying in Thailand must require the permission from their governments and headquarters to further their education at the doctoral level.

2.3 Up to five (5) fellowships may be awarded each year for postgraduate students from CLMV to pursue their Ph.D. studies in Thailand and France.

2.4 The Royal Thai Government will inform the nominating government (or relevant authority) whether or not the nominee(s) has been accepted for the course, normally at least three months before the programme of study starts.

2.5 Information of programme and the application form can also be accessed or downloaded at the following websites:

TRF: The International Research Network IRN):

Details of doctoral programs may be obtained from the website of the university of interest.

3. General qualifications

An applicant must:

3.1 be a citizen from 4 countries, namely The Kingdom of Cambodia, The Lao People’s Democratic Republic, The Union of Myanmar, and The Socialist Republic of Vietnam (CLMV);

3.2 be under 32 years of age;

3.3 fulfill the qualifications required by TRF, as described under 1.1 and 1.2;

3.4 be fluent in written and verbal English as the course is conducted in English;

3.5 be in good health, both physically and mentally, as they are required to stay throughout the course;

3.6 meet the required qualifications specified for the programme;

3.7 a doctoral study leave of at least three years is required for successful candidate.

4. Allowances and expenses

The following allowances and expenses will be borne by the Royal Thai Government and the French Government:

4.1 An economy class air ticket from an appropriate international airport to Thailand will be sent to each participant by a representative of the Thai Airways International, or through the National Airline Office in the participant’s country. An air ticket to the home country will be issued to each participant one week before the completion of his/her Ph.D. study as well as the fellowship contract. Participants should not buy air tickets themselves and should be advised that if they do so, the cost cannot be reimbursed.

4.2 For research study in France for 1 year, the participant’s major thesis advisor has to submit a travel and research plan, in consultation with the French co-advisor, to the French Regional Delegation to ASEAN and the RGJ-Ph.D. Programme before the end of French Fiscal year (Sep/Oct) for approval prior to study leave beginning March of the following year. The participant and/or his/her major thesis advisor will arrange for an economy return air ticket to France themselves from the budget provided by the French Regional Delegation to ASEAN.

4.3 While studying in Thailand, each participant will receive a monthly allowance of 7,000 baht to cover meals, local transportation and other personal expenses. Accommodation and other expenses, such as health insurance, educational and research expenses, educational materials, field trips, and thesis preparation, will be provided for as per the regulations of the Royal Thai Government. It is suggested that each participant bring some pocket money to cover the expenses before the allowance is paid.

4.4 While studying in France, each participant will receive a health insurance, education expenses, exemption of tuition fees, exemption of visa fee, and a monthly stipend covering personal expenses and accommodation. Taking French courses at the Alliance Française de Bangkok is advised before travelling to France, course expense will be borne by the French Regional Delegation to ASEAN.

4.5 Participants should be in good health and must not have any health condition which may require treatment in Thailand and France during the study.

5. Regulations

Participants are required to observe the following regulations:

5.1 Participants should only stay at places recommended by the Royal Thai Government and the French Government.

5.2 Participants must not bring any family members with them to Thailand and France.

5.3 Participants must return to their home countries after the completion of his/her Ph.D. studies as well as the fellowship contract at the scheduled date. Participants are required to fly only on the route designated and must not make any alterations. Please be informed that the maximum allowable baggage that can be loaded on flights is 20 kilograms. Participants will be responsible for any cost incurred in exceeding this limit.

5.4 Participants must observe the rules and regulations of the training institution(s) and the fellowship contract.

5.5 Participants must refrain from engaging in political activities, or any form of employment for profit or gain.



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