Exploring Leadership and Learning Theories in Asia 2014 (ELLTA) (2)

Highlights of ELLTA


ELLTA has built a strong network of collaborators in the region to generate integrative value of contributions; some examples include: UNESCO, AKEPT, MoE (Malaysia), Yayasan Ilmuyn, International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR)ELLTA. It offers innovative Conference Programme, with exciting & extended spaces for interactions. Not surprisingly, ELLTA Conferences are truly International in their claims – The 1st ELLTA Conference 2011 was attended by 42 Countries!

ELLTA has a very impressive and elaborate academic International Advisory Board – constituted by around 60 advisors, representing all continents, 26 countries, and a variety of disciplines. Some names include, for instance: Professors Margaret J. Wheatley, Ruth Hayhoe, Fazal Rizvi, Kenneth Leithwood, Philip Hallinger, Brian J. Caldwell, Christopher Day, Allan David Walker, Lee Wing On, S. Gopinathan, Simone Volet, Ricardo Chiva, R A Mashelkar, Martin Parker, Konai Helu Thaman, Harukiyo Hasegawa, Atta-ur-Rahman … The advisory board ensures a rigorous review process for the conference submissions.

ELLTA extends opportunities and venues for scholarly publication. The first ELLTA Conference alone resulted in the following high quality publications: “Learning in Asia” – APJE Focus Issue (Taylor & Francis); Are theories Universal? (Edited Book), published in Malaysia (with contributions from 11 countries) ; “Asian Educational Leadership and Leadership Education” (in press), University of Philippines Press

ELLTA has become a community of scholars exploring leadership and learning theories in Asia. The ELLTA participants include university vice-chancellors, officials from relevant ministries, university deans, top scholars and professors, PhD students, etc. The Conferences have been able to invite top scholars in the field as keynote speakers; these include, for instance: Professor Michael W. Apple, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies, Department of Educational Policy Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.; Professor Philip Hallinger, Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong , China; Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, Professor of Management, Education and the Social Sciences And Deputy President/ Deputy Vice Chancellor INTI-UC Laureate International Universities, Malaysia; Professor Alma Harris, Director, Institute of Educational Leadership, University of Malaya.

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