Notice of enrollment to study in Sri Lanka under the Treaty of 2019

Pursuant to the Education Cooperation Agreement between Vietnam and Sri Lanka in the period of 2016-2020 and the Sri Lankan Government scholarship target for Vietnam, Department of International Cooperation - Ministry of Education and Training Student recruitment notice for Sri Lanka in 2019 is as follows

1. General information about the scholarship program

1.1 Number of scholarships and training levels 
Sri Lankan Government grants 05 university scholarships to Vietnamese students.

1.2 Scholarship regime 
Scholarships granted by the Sri Lankan-ca Government include: tuition waivers and visa fees, monthly living expenses (to pay for meals and accommodation), free medical examination and treatment at the main hospitals Sri Lanka (not including dental diseases). 
The Government of Vietnam provides road tolls, passport fees, subsidies for living expenses (if your side does not provide enough), air tickets go once and return in accordance with current regulations.

1.3 Language learning 
The language of study in Sri Lanka is English.

1.4 Time of study, study and study place 
University program: 03-6 years. 
Participants learn relevant information at the website: ; 
Applicants find out about industry information and where to apply for suitable majors and training institutions. After submitting the application, the applicant is not asked to change the course of study. 
Sri Lankan Government does not receive training in engineering, pharmacy and dentistry.

2 . Subjects and conditions for recruitment

2.1. General conditions 
Applicants must meet the following general conditions: 
- Having good political and moral qualities; not during the time of disciplinary action or during the period of being disciplined by a competent authority; 
- Being healthy enough to study abroad; 
- Not yet registered for any other scholarship program since this notice comes into effect until prequalification results are available; 
- Commit to completing the training program and returning to work as required by the State.Those who do not complete the training program, self-drop out of school, are forced to drop out of school or after graduating without returning to the country of service, failing to fulfill the obligations of the scholarship grantees must reimburse training expenses. under the current regulations; 
- The field of study to apply for admission must be suitable for the sector which is studying at university in Vietnam or the industry has won international, regional and national awards; 
- Only one subject can be registered and may not change the course of study or training after enrolling and enrolling according to the notice of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and the training institution created in Sri Lanka;

2.2. Subjects and conditions for recruitment


Specific subjects and conditions

Application file for recruitment in Vietnamese

Application for pre-qualification in English

- First-year students of Vietnamese universities, institutes, universities (centralized formal system) with results of 3 years of high school and the first semester of the first year of university at 7.0 or higher ( on a scale of 10 or equivalent). 
- Students in grade 12 have won prizes at international, regional and national exams to be admitted directly to universities according to current enrollment regulations with high school achievement from 7, 0 or more. 
- Foreign language requirement: Applicants applying for the exam need to have TOEFL ITP certificate of 525 points or IELTS 6.5 or higher issued by a competent international agency.

See details in Appendix 1

See details in Appendix 2

3. Process of pre-application registration

3.1. Apply online (online) at : 
Applicants must scan (scan) the entire file to PDF files (each type of scanned document becomes a separate file of no more than 1 MB) for online registration.

3.2. Filing paper copy 
Candidate will transfer 01 official paper file in Vietnamese, 03 sets of documents in English by secured courier to the Department of International Cooperation - Ministry of Education and Training, 35 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba District Trung, Hanoi. 
The file should be in a pocket of 25cm x 34cm size, the outside surface must contain full details according to the appendix prescribed for the scholarship application for the Agreement to Sri Lanka in 2019. 
Valid dossiers are those with all the documents specified above, which are submitted within the time limit prescribed by the Admission Notice (including online and paper documents in Vietnamese). The person filing the application is not correct and the wrong confirmation will be handled according to the law. The Department of International Cooperation does not return the application and application fees under any circumstances. 
(See more information, relevant documents at websites: , , technical support when registering for recruitment at, tuyensinh @ vied) .VN).

4. Application deadline: Before August 15, 2011 (on a daily basis, the Department of International Cooperation receives the application and the time to complete the online registration).

5 . Application fee : VND 200,000 / payer before August 15, 2019 by transfer to address: 
Name of unit: Department of International Cooperation 
Account number: 0021002145014 
At: Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade, Hanoi branch. 
Note: When transferring money to an account of the International Cooperation Department, please specify the full name of the candidate, the level of application for admission, and the fee for applying for a scholarship to Sri Lanka according to the number enrollment notice. 19 / TB-HTQT dated August 2, 2019 .

6. Admission process 
The Ministry of Education and Training only considers applicants with full and valid dossiers according to regulations and based on selection criteria, the candidates will be recruited to nominate with Sri Lanka. 
The Department of International Cooperation - Ministry of Education and Training will inform, guide and resolve procedures to attend Sri Lanka in September 2019.

Priority should be given to candidates in the following cases: 
a) Candidates need to train to supplement human resources according to usage needs proposed by the ministries / sectors and localities (written proposals for recruitment and employment commitment contracts after completion the course); 
b) Candidates who win international, regional and national awards and other candidates are prioritized according to current university admission regulations; 
d) Candidates have many good achievements in learning and training. 
- Do not recruit candidates in the following cases: 
+ Having been sent by a state agency to study abroad but failing to complete the course or failing to fulfill the obligations of the scholarship grantee; 
+ Have been granted scholarships by universities, local or foreign agencies to study abroad at universities / graduate schools, currently have obligations and responsibilities that are not allowed to go to study abroad.

Cases that are accepted by the Sri Lankan side are not part of this scholarship program, or are part of this program but do not meet the selection requirements of the Ministry of Education and Training, and do not attend the Ministry of Education and recruitment. Training according to this admissions notification will not be compensated by the Vietnamese government's scholarship regime.

The Department of International Cooperation respectfully recommends agencies and higher education institutions to create favorable conditions for qualified candidates to participate in the recruitment on time.

Soucre: Ministry of Education and Training

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