On March 31st, 2017, Prof. Dr. Dang Kim Vui, President of Thai Nguyen University (TNU) worked with the delegation of Lao Cai province led by Mr. Nguyen Van Vinh, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of Lao Cai Provincial Party Committee.

At the meeting, after listening to the report  on  the  status  of  activities  and proposals and recommendations of TNU’s branch in Lao Cai province, TNU and Lao Cai province jointly evaluated the operation and development orientation of the Branch; discussed the plan, roadmap and solutions to proceed to the establishment of Lao Cai University on the basis of TNU’s branch.

Accordingly, the TNU’s Branch in Lao Cai was established on December 24th, 2015 based on the Decision No. 6189 / QD-BGDDT, dated December 24, 2015 by the Minister of Education and Training. After more than a year in operation, the Branch has achieved remarkable achievements in three aspects: training, scientific research and international cooperation. Currently, out of 42 staffs, lecturers, not to mention TNU lecturers who are mobilized to provide formal training, in 2016, The Branch has developed a project to open 4 training disciplines for the term of enrollment: Science - Plant, Animal Husbandry -  Veterinary, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Travel and Tourism Management. In 2017, the Branch would submit proposals to the Ministry of Education and Training to open new curricular offerings of economic and associational training which are related to  a number of formal training disciplines such as English Language, Chinese and Power electronics.

At present, TNU's Branch in Lao Cai province is actively supporting Bao Thang district in dealing with environmental pollution in livestock raising to help the district complete the  new rural construction program in 2017; Successfully protected the provincial project on researching models of vegetables and flower in Bat Xat district; and Deployed 03 provincial scientific research projects, published 08 articles in the National Science-Technology Journal, the proceedings of the international conference. In 2016, TNU organized the reception and working with 7 international delegations; Coordinating the development of the plan to link the training of international students.

TNU President affirmed that the Branch was facilitated by Lao Cai Province, and it was the first step in the development roadmap for the establishment of Lao Cai University. He also concurred the unified plan of Lao Cai province in the establishment of the Lao Cai University which is expected to complete soon.

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