TNU-UICT organized Bun-Pi-May Festival 2015 for Laotian students

In the morning of April 9th, 2015, TNU-University of Information and Communication Technology (TNU-UICT) organized the celebration of Boun Pimay “Greeting New Year 2015” for Laotian students living and studying at the university.


Boun Pimay is a traditional New Year of Laos starts from 13rd to 16th April, when the sky is high blue, Dooc Khun blossom blooms with the bright yellow color, major rivers are abundant with water representing for a good year. For Lao peoples, Boun Pimay festival is meant to bring about cool and prosperity to all creatures.

Dooc Khun flower (blessing) –bloom with the bright yellow flower on the Boun Pimay occasion

In the atmosphere of joy and excitement of New Year's Day, on behalf of the school  Dr. Vu Vinh Quang, Vice Rector sent the New Year greetings to all Laotian students studying at school, wish them a new year of health, complete the research and training program to the back country and become useful citizens, the pride of the Laos motherland and consolidate the Vietnam – Laos friendly friendship.

TNU-UICT performance team sang to celebrate New Year Festival Boun Pimay

Performance of Laotian students

Laotian students and international students in the TNU-UICT common house 

Currently, at the university, there are 30 Laotian students studying, including 04 postgraduate students. Leaders, faculties and departments, teachers of the university always create all favorable conditions for them to study, conduct research and has good living conditions on the campus.

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