With the desire to create career opportunities for students after graduation and sustainable relationships between university and business in enhancing the quality of training and meeting the requirements of society, on 04 June, TNU College of Agriculture and Forestry (TNU-CAF) organized a 2014 career fair for students.


This was an opportunity for graduated students to find compatible jobs with their capacity and strength. The fair was also an important link between educational institution and agency using human resources, and between students and employers.

Before the fair started, the university had organized a number of soft skills training courses for students such as CV writing skills, interview skills, presentation skills, etc. to help students become self-confidence, make a good impression with employers, as long as increase recruitment opportunities and enhance approach capability to the labor market and employers.

The fair ended with 458 students interviewed directly from the employers. Those students would be employed in the enterprises after their graduation. It was believed that through the fair, the recruited students would maximize their professional abilities to serve sustainable development of their businesses. That was the assertion of reputation and quality of TNU-CAF, an institution with the State’s Hero Labor.

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