On June 19, 2014, the TNU College of Information and Communication Technology (TNU-CICT) in collaboration with the Vietnam Academy of Science and technology of Vietnam, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology, other universities and research institution organized the 7th National Conference on "Fundamental and Applied Information Technology Research” - FAIR 2014.

The conference had received more than 230 scientific reports, then 170 of them were chosen to present at the conference. This was the conference with the most quantity of reports. Those reports had updated and topical feature of basic research; creativity and urgency of applied research, such as device to measure power consumption using wireless sensor technology; Measures to protect information security for internal networks of internet-connected government agencies and businesses based on virtualization technology; Hedge Algebras Approach with intelligent decision support for disaster rescue, etc.

In plenary session of the conference, Assoc. Prof. Pham Viet Binh, Rector of CICT confirmed that since the college considered information technology as infrastructure of all socio-economic fields, it developed its training and scientific research towards Information Technology (IT) for specific purposes, in order to apply  IT to meet the society’s demand.

The conference was conducted in 2 days with 06 subcommittees, and become an important scientific activity contributed to boost basic research, applied research on Information Technology in Vietnam. This was a great opportunity for the staff, faculty, PhD students, and students of the TNU College of Information and Communication Technology to learn and exchange experience with scientists and colleagues in the country.

At the end of the meeting, the Challenge Banner of the FAIR conference was passed over the Institute of Information Technology -  Hanoi National University to host the 8th FAIR conference in 2015. 

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