(Sharing of Student Le Trung Kien, Law Course 11, TNU College of Sciences)

If the pupil time in high school passed in dreamy mind of adolescence, then may be, the student time is time when we perceive the most of our adult life. Time flies so fast, I still remember the feeling of getting college’s matriculation certificate on hand, when happiness mixed with sadness. Happy, because I had passed an entrance exam, I had chance to continue going to school. However, my dream to  become a military officer would not turn to reality. My first year at TNU College of Sciences passed in the blink of an eye. That was a year of experience and much emotion.

 I went to "Law" major in a very random way without predetermination. I passed the exam, but I always thought that I just stayed there for a while, I would try once again to fulfill my dream to become a military officers. Suprisingly, my mind gradually changed when I was exposed to the new learning environment. I was fascinated by specialized subjects, appealing and witty lectures on “the big issues of our time, scientific leadership and management” of Mr. Duong; lectures of Ms. Trang and Ms. Huong in Comparative Law subject. Besides, I found myself to be in harmony with passions, for attention, listening, encouragement and help of the teachers; particularly enthusiastic and active young teachers as Ms. Phuong and Ms. Hang.

I knew that in the world, many famous persons had worked in law branch as President Abraham Lincoln, Preident Obama in the U.S.; or President of the World Bank as Mr. Robert Zuellick. I began to wonder why people in Law branch could do much profession and held many positions like that. I started  learning about Law and reading more books on Law. Since then, I had desire to become a lawyer to defend my client. Law was interesting, fascinating, it fostered passion in me. With the attention of the college board and teachers, we had chance to experience and participate in practical and useful activities.  How can I forget the field trip at Military Court Region I in early March, a workshop on amending and supplementing of the 1999 Criminal Code; a conference on experience exchange of People's Council operation in 14 Northern midland and moutainous provinces, or even cultural performances, etc. All of those still remains in memories of each student.

On the first days of this June, Law students in my college eager to welcome the advent of the "Future Jurist Club". This is useful playground to help students promote their activeness and innovation, and to link law to the social life. Monthly thematic workshops in the form of a small scientific conference are places for members to exchange and debate academic issues, practice critical thinking, teamwork skill – those are valuable and necessary experience for our future work. Those notable programs can be listed are "Trial court", "Receiving complaints and accusations of citizens", "Negotiation and contract signing skills", "Resolving commercial disputes".

Participation in extracurricular activities and contact with many people in different places have enriched my experience in life and learning. After the college entrance exam, the TNU College of Sciences will welcome new students enrolled in Course 12. Thinking back a year ago, I was inexperienced and even did not  clearly shaped where I would learn, but now, when I am writing these words, I find myself much more matured. I hope that those following sharing may help freshmen in studying and life.

In order to achieve success in new learning environment, students should equip themselves with some basic skills as following: Firstly, confidence is a master factor to evaluate whether you are enthusiastic or not. Secondly, if you want to succeed at work or in any other fields, you need to believe in yourself and trust your colleagues. With belief, hard work will be completed with ease. Thirdly, it is ability to listen and grasp psychology, this means when you work in team environment, you should listen to suggestions of group members, both praise and criticism to reconsider, and to be able to draw experience. You also need to have your own opinion and defend it until you are convinced by the better opinion. Capturing others’ psychology is extremely critical whether you are a leader or staff, for it will make your job easier. The fourth thing is creativity, it creates your personality. When you do groupwork, when the ideas are duplicated, or when members are insufficient of ideas, your creativity is needed to prove yourself as a highly capable person.

On these days, the national thunderstorms are from the sea, so Law students in particular and students in TNU must be reassured, because the country is calling our names. Let's try together to strive for high academic results as well as in mass movements to posit yourself, promote and bring image of our law branch to everyone. Let’s proud that we are the first generation of Law branch – TNU College of Sciences.


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