In the morning of April 18th, 2017, TNU- UE held the Conference of Principals of general education schools and kindergartens, 2016-2017, to review the pedagogic appraisal, the professional practice of the students, and the actual research of the instructors. On that basis, the participants focused on issues related to pedagogic and professional practice, fostering of teachers and administrators; and proposing comprehensive cooperation activities between the faculties of TNU-UE and high schools and kindergartens.

Attending the conference were representatives of 36 colleges, upper secondary schools, junior secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens in Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan and Bac Giang provinces. Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Quang- Rector of TNU UE, Comrades in Party Committee, Board of Rectors; heads of units in the university, lecturers and students.

Speaking at the conference, Prof. Dr. Pham Hong Quang emphasized that in the trend of international integration in education, both in width and depth, the 4.0 revolutionary industrial revolution and the radical renewal of education and training required the coordination between the pedagogical universities and the general education schools and kindergartens in improving the quality of teacher training.

The conference evaluated the results of students' internship, researched of practice of teachers in general schools, and showed the results achieved and the limited problems. At the end of the internships, the university received feedback from 54 schools, kindergartens in five provinces in the midland and mountainous areas, focused on the issues: combination in organizing internships, pedagogy training for students before internship, internship’s regulations, to name a few.

At the conference, there were nearly 40 comments of the participants related to the internship of students, the actual research of lecturers with the measures to improve the quality and effectiveness of this activity such as strengthening pedagogical training for students in the learning process, especially communication skills, writing skills, teaching,  using modern teaching aids, well organizing the internship; increasing the number of lecturers to attend high schools class periods for observe and exchange with high school teachers to grasp the situation of students and help students; intensifying the examination and evaluation of the results of teaching practice and professional practice at general schools, thereby adjusting the program's contents and training modes to suit with the demands of renewing education programs.

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