Joining the atmosphere of 124th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh and echo of the Vietnamese Book Day, on May 19, 2014, Division of English Language – TNU School of Foreign Languages held an opening ceremony of Nguyen Vinh Quang bookcase.

On behalf of the entire faculties in the Division of English language, MA. Nguyen Thi Minh Loan (Division Head) sincerely thanked the guests, emphasized significance and practical role of the bookcase, and shared the process of establishing the bookcase. The bookcase was named after Teacher Nguyen Vinh Quang - Former Dean of TNU School of Foreign Languages​. Through the bookcase, the Division desired to express their tribute to Teacher Quang and commitment to build a comprehensive bookcase both in quality and quantity. MA. Loan, said: "Currently, our bookcase is extremely modest when compared to the other college’s library. However, it contains the meaning of teacher-student bond and our dreams of building a learning resource centre of the Division of English in the future - a centre contains many precious books with full facilities and regular events related to reading activities, development of love for books and reading culture in teaching staff and students, such as reading festival, books fair, competition on book review, etc. Our bookcase will not just be bookstore, but will literally be a “living” bookcase”. 

In the ceremony, many lecturers, students and alumni presented to the bookcase valuable books towards  the teaching, studing activities, life skills and scholarship information.

            The ceremony was more impressive and meaningful with a contest on knowledge of famous saying about books and reading culture. The three teams completed their parts with knowledgable and persuasive eloquences. 

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