The use of traditional medicine in tandem with local knowledge as well as alternative treatments was discussed at the international conference held in TNU University of Medicine and Pharmacy on May 4-5.

The conference “Medical Pluralism and Cultural Diversity in Southeast Asia“ was hosted by Thai Nguyen University-University of Medicine and Pharmacy and co- hosted by Laguna State Polytechnic University-Philippines. It was attended by experts and scholars from universities in Europe and Southeast Asia like the University of Giessen (Germany), Laguna University (the Philippines) and the French Institute of Pondicherry (India).

The European experience with medical pluralism and the blending of medicinal and spiritual issues in psychiatric treatment according to a study in India was discussed.

Experts said that modern medicine offers enormous scientific advances, state-of- the-art equipment and many healthcare centres. However, traditional medicine supports modern medicine and contributes to providing initial  healthcare.

Speaking at the conference, Professor Detlef Briessen, a cultural and historical researcher from the University of Giessen, said that Vietnam boasts huge  potential in traditional medicine thanks to its long-standing cultural traditions  and abundant medicinal herbs. Better treatments using traditional medicine will be available soon, he said.

The participants concurred to study and promote traditional medical knowledge during the national modernisation process and sustainable development in rural areas.

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