"Applying high technology into practice" was the theme of the National Scientific Conference organized by TNU University of Technology in collaboration with the Institute of Military Science and Technology. The workshop was officially held on May 13, 2017 at the Industrial Technology University, with the participation of nearly 20 delegations, researchers from Universities, Colleges, vocational schools, academics, and research Institutes across the country.

Speaking at the seminar, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Duy Cuong - Rector of the University, the Chairman of the organizing committee affirmed the key role and responsibility of science  and technology in socio-economic development in general and to the process development industry in particular. Through scientific results, focusing on the requirements of production, rational and economical use of natural resources and energy, the development of alternative sources of raw materials, the renewal and application of technologies following step by step development of science and technology, contributing positively to the development of the country and eventually reaching the international level.

The conference featured 58 selected papers presented in seven categories: Mechatronics, Electronics Engineering, Communication and Control Engineering, Computer Engineering, electrical, and electronic engineering. During the workshop, the following were announced: the results of the research; and the application development of scientists, faculty, students and students who are working to promote academic exchanges such as finding solutions to technical problems in Measurement - Control, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computer Engineering and Mechatronics. In addition, the weaknesses, backlogs and recommendations for the application of new research into practice were presented.

Participants in the workshop highly appreciated the professionalism and efficiency of the Organizing Committee. The overall evaluation of the conference showed that the results of the work were absolutely achieved, and the reports were thoroughly discussed.  In  this regard, participants were able to gain complete experience and technical know-how to  adjust the scientific works applied to life and develop the country's science and technology. The success of the workshop is an important bridge to fasten together the relationship between education and training institutions, including scientists working together, transferring technology, and seeking opportunities for cooperation and development.

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