EMSIV project launching ceremony in Bologna City, Italy

EMSIV project launching ceremony in Bologna City, Italy

Two days from 12-13 March 2024, the Launching Ceremony of the Empowerment of ethnic Minority Students In Vietnam (EMSIV) project took place in Bologna City, Italy. The project is implemented with funding support from the European Commission (EU) to equip ethnic minority students with knowledge and skills to integrate into the labor market and promote the commitment of employers, policy-making bodies, and training institutions to raise awareness among stakeholders and provide more employment opportunities for ethnic minority students.

European partners, including the Italian Inter-University Association (Alma Laurea), Porto Polytechnic University (Portugal), and Insubria University (Italy), and Vietnamese partners, including Thai Nguyen University, Hanoi University, Nha Trang University, Tay Nguyen University, Hanoi Export Processing Zone Industrial Park Management Board, and Development Research Center mountainous agriculture and forestry, are participating in the EMSIV Project.

Thai Nguyen University is one of the members with experience implementing many Erasmus+ KA1 programs with Italian universities and the Erasmus+ KA2 project in cooperation with Italian partners. At the Launching Ceremony, Thai Nguyen University committed to being an active member and effectively contributing to the EMSIV project, contributing to completing the project's goals.

After two working days, the members understood the project's goals, operational plans, and financial and quality management regulations. They also proceeded through the content of the survey questionnaire for ethnic minority students about their employment capacity and the difficulties they encountered in the job search process.

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